Saturday, January 25, 2014

My two style goals for this year are to:

Find a balance between comfort and style when putting together outfits
To buy more staple pieces instead of many basic pieces

I've noticed as I look at my closet there are a lot of clothes I bought on a whim, not necessarily something I'd actually want if I thought about it. I'm hoping the more I catalogue my own outfits & styles I like, the easier it'll be to build a wardrobe I actually like!


Marine said...

Look like a lot of Free People inspired pieces up there... remember that little card I gave you ;)
I spent last year building my wardrobe up with staple pieces. I think I finally have a decent balance of staples and basics, now my focus is to weed out the pieces I don't wear. I did a giant closet dump last week and got rid of at least two dozen pieces, and replaced them with two pieces I know I'll get much more use out of. Now I just need to get some new jewelry and accessories...

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