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Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm starting Day 1 of Gabrielle Bernsteins May Cause Miracles. A year ago I probably would have made fun of myself picking this book out and taking it seriously but I've realized there is no shame in self help books. I've been watching some of her vlogs & decided to give the book a go & so far I'm really into it. I love her ideas of overcoming fear with love. Her constantly repeated idea of a "miracle" is that it's a shift from fear to love which leads to ultimate happiness. She speaks to you in a way that is very understandable & relatable. Sometimes when reading other books of this sort, I've found that I understand the underlying ideas but don't know how to apply it to real life situations. Bernstein really breaks it down for you to understand & every day there are minute long meditation sessions to do. Meditating is something I have been trying for a while but haven't successfully achieved so I'm hoping this helps in that area as well!


Marine said...

You drink what Dad drinks! And I've become a fan of 'self-help' books over the years... I like to consider them 'self-realization' books instead though.

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