Super bowls & Super snow days

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sunday morning Jarrett & I took a trip to Fresh Market & bought a few things including this coffee called Deadman's Reach by Raven's Brew Coffee. Both of us loved this coffee, we found it to have a really smooth yet bold taste. Definitely the perfect cup to have in the morning on a work loaded day.

We also bought two different bloody mary mixers however we found neither of them to be very flavorful. I ended up adding a lot of horseradish, hot sauce, pepper, and worcestershire sauce to get more flavor.

Later that night we had planned to have Jarrett's parents come over for dinner, they were bringing steaks. We decided to make baked potatoes & baked mac n' cheese.

I honestly did not watch the Superbowl at all. Not even the commercials but I did hear the halftime show in the background. Bruno Mars seemed to be a bit of a cop out for the halftime show to be honest but I do have a little more respect for him after hearing his voice live. He's got some talent & apparently some real fancy footwork.

Monday morning I woke up to 6-8 inches of snow on the ground & a house full of angry people who couldn't get out of the driveway to go to work. It happened to be my day off anyway so I didn't mind at all!

Jarrett, my brother, our friend Keith & I all decided to get bundled up and go for a snowy bike ride to Starbucks. It was about 3 miles away & i can't say it was the greatest idea but it wasn't the worst. I'm still on the lookout for bruises from falling over so many times, but we all really enjoyed our coffee & doughnuts by the time we got there.

That night keith made us some pasta bolognese and jarrett made his crazy grilled cheese again. This snowy winter weather has made a serious dent in my diet. Luckily next week I'll be starting the paleo challenge we're doing at crossfit & I'll start to feel better again! Look at all the men hard at work in the kitchen! :-P

& Lastly here was my first attempt at scones! I found some fresh red currants at Kings supermarket. I was disappointed with the outcome so I won't share the recipe on here. I could tell by the dough & how sticky it was that they wouldn't come out well. Flavor-wise they were good however it was not the consistency I was aiming for. I love dry crumbly scones & these ones were too doughy & biscuit like for my liking.

Work tomorrow has already called to close for tomorrow with the expected snow storm so it looks like yet another snow day. Never thought I'd say this but I'm really getting tired of missing work & all this snow shoveling!


Marine said...

Let me know when you try the scone recipe I gave you!

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