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Sunday, February 9, 2014

+ One Second of Footage For Each Place He Traveled To
I love this idea! However realistically mine would
only last about 10 seconds with the amount I've traveled haha!

+ The Very Many Varieties of Beer Diagram!

+ Why are Dead People Liking Things on Facebook?

+ Are You Recovering or Just Resting?
Another great post by whole9, really interesting read especially the part about stress!

+ Check out More Photos Here!
Now of course there is so much controversy buzzing about the Olympics & from official interviews I've read none of these teams wore these outfits "directly to support gay rights" but c'mon... even so that's how people are viewing it as & I love it!

+ Impressive yet Horrifying Pictures of Construction for Sochi 2014

+ 31 Ways To Up Your Grilled Cheese Game
Looks like Jarrett has some work to do...

+ Give your sweetie what they really want. An STD (plushie)


Marine said...

1. The time lapse video was awesome!
2. You can find a poster of the beer chart here: http://popchartlab.com/products/the-very-very-many-varieties-of-beer

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