Week in Photos #1 (mainly food!)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Made some chocolate covered strawberries when I was dying for an excuse to have some chocolate. (total paleo cheat though!)

Well roses of course!

Made this silly banner for Valentines day for Jrat, inside the bone picture ones I had written cheesy lines I found online like... "You give me femur", "I ulna want to be with you", & "I want tibia valentine". Bahaha

Working valentines day at the office I got bored & printed these out & placed them inside people's massage gift certificate envelopes. "Brie Mine!" "You're a good egg"

Jasper being a skeptical stephen

A little snack, cucumbers, salmon, onions, cream cheese (for jarrett). Can I just say these DO NOT work. Everything slides out, I'm sure they'd do better as hors d'oeuvres because taste wise they were delicious!

Paleo apple crisp attempt. Not my best... Sort of threw a bunch of things in there but the coconut flour killed the taste. It helped to pour some almond milk in to make it oatmeal-like.

Homemade martini's with my two best friends Leandra & Bethany ;)

My very first successful poached egg!! Still gooey on the inside!


Marine said...

You're goofy. Love the valentines. And congrats on your poached egg! I've never tried.

Camille said...

Lol yeah I got a chuckle out of jarrett with them. He didnt find them as funny as I thought they were :P And thanks!! I've tried so many times and screwed them up somehow but now I got it! If only I could master making mayonnaise now. Keep making an oily mess :\

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