Project 365

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oops I've been so busy lately!
Instead of week in photos I'm going to try the 365 Project challenge
& see if I can take a photo a day :) Here we go...

001 / 365

Jasper loves sitting in cars as long as they're stationary, weirdo...

002 / 365

Protein bar haul! My favorites right here. I can't get enough of these Cliff Chocolate Mint Bars

003 / 365

St. Patty's Day slow cooked corn beef cabbage & irish soda bread scones mMMmm

004 / 365

Paleo challenge completed! I made it & I lost a total of 2 lbs. Not that that was the goal, I dolphinately lost fat weight but gained in muscle weight! Saw an obvious improvement in my reps after retesting myself with the WOD.

005 / 365

Brutha, Me, & Pattikakes

006 / 365

Fish tacos from Turf N' Surf

007 / 365

Little bear got 2 new Kong toys that he loves :) & we finally got him a toy bucket, now if only we can train him to put his toys away!

008 / 365

Kilian & I have been practicing our headstands! I've been trying to do it everyday to get better but also to reap the benefits of headstands! (Which you can read about here!) Our masks are Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar & Aztec secret healing clay.

009 / 365

ain't no thang like 25 burgers

010 / 365

messing around with an app

011 / 365

Patrick & Jasper just hangin'

012 / 365

I've been indulging like crazy since the challenge ended haha
I'm on that perfect burger hunt! JalapeƱo Chipotle Burger

013 / 365

Sliced apples & almond butter & american psycho of course

014 / 365



Marine said...

WHY MUST YOU POST ABOUT 25 BURGERS?! Shawn and I have been craving them like crazy... the closest one to us is in Flemington though :(

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