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Monday, April 21, 2014

I've been seeing so many prints & pineapple prints all over clothing lately and I love it.
Along with kimonos, patterned flare pants, loose beach pants, crop tops, & retro style
bikinis, I don't know what's not to love.

Here are some of my favorites I've compiled along with some fun spring accessories...

1. Printed Cardigan $54.95
2. Pineapple Bikini $68
3. Gone but here's another version Pineapple Crop Top
4. Studded Wedge $89
5. Chaser Silk Tapestry Bells $136
6. Concho Wing Cuff $148
7. Raga Take Charge Pants $84
8. Pineapple Print Backpack sold out :(

I'm dying to get that bikini & a pair of those Raga pants,
they come in so many different colors I can't even decide which I like best!


Marine said...

Oh my god I love the backpack and the bikini! I'm half tempted to get the bikini! Too bad it wouldn't arrive in time for Miami :(

Carol Chen said...

In the year of 2017. People around me suddenly begin to hang out with zaful dress.I'm feeling curious and suspicion at the moment:"Is this a thing now?"And here's my thoughts after research and the dress that I bought.

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