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Friday, May 2, 2014

This Book. I have to buy this for my brother. It's called "T-Rex Trying Book" so cute!

Trees Cocooned in Spider Webs
I can't begin to describe how squeamish this would make me feel,
looks like I won't be moving anywhere where there's heavy flooding.
Apparently this happens more often than you think, just not necessarily as extreme...

I love this idea! DIY Travel Momento Boxes by a pair & a spare

& another cool diy for Organic Foundation by Sincerely, Kinsey

3 Ingredient Recipes

Some of these are a little skeptical but still pretty neat! (Yep I just used the word neat)

Worn On TV
Finding fashion from TV shows (mostly ones I watch).
Good to know if I ever stumble across loads of money :)
I'm always loving the outfits in Nashville & Bates Motel!

will change my life fur-ever.