Life Lately (Seen thru my new camera)

Monday, August 11, 2014

As a late birthday gift my overly generous mom & dad bought me a Canon Rebel T3!
I have had my eye on this series of cameras for a few years now & I can't tell you how exciting it is to finally own my first DSLR. Since I've received it, I've been youtubing tutorials and playing around with the settings everyday. I'm trying to shoot manually every time, so I can better understand how it works, rather than automatic.

Mandatory jasper photoshoot after receiving my camera

We briefly acquired a cat named Shadow when one of my brother's friends lost him after bringing him to our house. He had found him wandering behind an A&P the day before, and was leaving for colorado the next day. We found him a happy family to be with after several nights he spent in our garage, despite jasper's whining and barking.

Jasper being all cute before I leave for work

Messing around with a very cheap wide angle lens I bought on Amazon.

Hugo the grouch hanging with me in the grass outside of work

I baked a strawberry poppyseed pie from a recipe I found on A Beautiful Mess!

Jarrett & I spent our sunday at Tom's River in his grandmother's beach house


Pale ol' me. This picture makes me happy I just got my hair done & fixed today! Pictures soon.

The Drake's at their finest :)

And my pie was a success! Seriously good!


Marine said...

Jealous! I've been wanting a DSLR for a while now, and Shawn gave his to his brother! You've always had a better eye for photography than me though ;) These look great! I especially love the black & white of Jasper, and the photo of Hugo. Just keep messing around with it; good things will come from it.

Marine said...

P.S. Maybe I should have you start taking my What I Wore photos! ;)

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