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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Big Lebowski knows.

I'd been starting to feel a lot of pressure and negative energy around me from my surroundings. It's due to an abundance of things like the emotional charge of my clients or being in a house that seems to never stop. I felt it was time to take charge and not let things get to me so much. Because what is the point of getting myself worked up over a few dishes in the sink or an overly anxious friend. Of course I am always there and open to people however I don't have to be so empathetic to everyone and everything.

So starting last week on Monday I decided to do yoga. REALLY do yoga. Not the "so called yoga stretches I do while watching tv" I used to do. I set up my mat on my deck and turned on some music and let myself flow. I've found inspiration through multiple instagram accounts & websites. Some days it seems it would be helpful to have guidance but I like the freedom of moving on my own. And jasper definitely enjoys our mornings & sunsets when I let him share a corner of my mat :) (You can see him sitting on the edge in the picture below!)

Day 1

Headstands always stuck out to me so I decided to give them a go after a good session and although I couldn't do the traditional headstand I found this tripod to be a smooth transition! Since there is more surface area on the ground it is much easier to hoist yourself up and it's less pressure on your core (which I have none of!).

Day 3

I was SO happy to be able to do a proper headstand! After spending a lot of time flailing and falling for 3 days I finally did it. And I've been working on it ever since, at first in 15 second intervals & now I'm into a minute. What's interesting is that it wasn't my physical that was holding me back from this pose but rather my fear. My fear of falling, especially on my wooden deck. And after a few tries against a wall I attempted it in space and got it!

Day 7

So one week in and I can say I already see big differences in my energy, flexibility, loss of daily work pains, and an all around good attitude. I'll be keeping my own progress thru my blog so I'm sorry for those who could not care less about this :P If I was constantly posting these on fb or instagram I'd just be annoying but my lack of followers on my blog makes it perfect!

Mr. Yoga has the best collection of yoga poses & explains how to work your way into the pose.


Marine said...

And I thought I was going to be the yogi in the family! ;)
Awesome headstand! I haven't done one in a very long time. I have such a hard time finding the motivation and the flow outside of a classroom, but for the same reasons as you, I'd really like to get back to a regular yoga practice. This has definitely inspired me :)

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