What happened in 2014?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Though I haven't been great at updating my blog I've been keeping myself busy. With the new year rolling in I thought I'd go over my 2014 goals and how I achieved them or rather missed them.

go back to school - I took 2 classes in the summer & fall! & I'm signed up for this spring too!
stay consistent with working out - I stopped crossfit but I bought myself a barbell & have been training at home. Jarrett also got me a tractor tire to use!
expand my bone collection - macerated my own deer skull, raccoon in the works, & I received a coyote skull for christmas!
complete a tough mudder-esque event - 6/7 I completed the Spartan Sprint! & I'm back for more, all signed up for the Spartan Beast which most likely will kill me...
learn german - oh yeah that one...
go skydiving - Never happened... but that's money saved. until this year hopefully!
learn to rock climb - never too late...
visit Nashville - nope

50% aint bad! I mean a lot of goals you make for yourself fail or are never attempted especially New Years resolutions, so I think even completing one of your goals is worth a celebration. Setting up small goals like the ones I did can really keep you motivated through the year rather than working towards one seemingly HUGE goal. To each his own of course but this is what I've found works for me.

& even though this was not on my list of goals I did quit smoking (almost)... I no longer smoke cigarettes, instead I use a vaporizer. A nautilus mini tank on an Eleaf iStick to be exact. And though I am still using 3mg of nicotine I feel immensely better since kicking the real stuff. There is a lot of controversy with these vape buggers but I'll back them up with the research I've done if anyone wants to argue with me. At the end of the day I believe 4 ingredients are better than 4,000+ found in cigarettes.

I'm currently working on a list for 2015...